Node-Telemedicine: A Web Based Solution For Medical Professionals


Node-Telemedicine is an online solution for medical professionals to be able to manage and connect with their patients remotely through the web and a mobile app. The system allows them to manage patients, their appointments as well as medicine/prescriptions.

My Role

For Node-Telemedicine, I built the UX/UI design and branding. The objective was to design an easy-to-use system that was not very complex and had the same visual style across the whole app.

• Low-to-high fidelity sketches
• Wireframes
• Pixel-Perfect mockups
• Prototype


Visiting a doctor is almost everyone’s nightmare and a lot of times, people try to avoid that. The reason could be anything and some of them are mentioned below

  • No transportation time or costs
  • No need to take time off of work
  • Child or elder care issues
  • Time in the Waiting Room

According to research by Software Advice, 75% of survey respondents are interested in trying telemedicine.


Node-Telemedicine helps doctors to connect with their patients remotely without them having to come to their clinic. Patients can setup appointments with their doctors and can talk to them through audio/video call through a laptop or mobile. Doctors can write prescriptions, recommend lab tests and get alerts related to their patients. This helps doctors to have a streamline process to manage patients as well as save time.

The final design solution is based on a dashboard where doctors have access to all the required functionality to perform their job. Below are some of the screens from the final delivery.

Appointments Page
In-Browser Call Page
Patients Page
Patient Notes Page
Patient Detail Page
Alerts Page


A big thanks to the people who participated in the process and gave me feedback to improve the idea.

That’s all.