SpeechTherapyPD : A Learning Management System for Speech Pathologists


SpeechTherapyPD is an LMS for speech-language pathologists and SLPAs worldwide which provides meaningful learning opportunities and continuing education experiences that inspire clinicians and enhance therapy on a holistic level.

My Role

As the UX/UI designer, I was responsible for creating low-to-high fidelity sketches, flowcharts, wireframes, mockups and the prototype. I provided functionality solutions and visual usability components that help the end-user enjoy various ways to navigate throughout an interactive experience.

• Low-to-high fidelity sketches
• Wireframes
• Pixel-Perfect mockups
• Prototype


Speech pathologists help their patients with different speech related problems and to do so they need to be certified by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Speech pathologists can earn these certificates by completing pre-approved audio/video courses provided by SpeechTherapyPD.

The current platform provided by SpeechTherapyPD was created a long time ago and over time new sections were added to the website which created numerous user experience related issues which resulted in users reporting that it wasn’t easy to navigate and find the relevant information.


After talking to the client and getting feedback from some of the users, I conducted a thorough design audit of the website and helped the client understand how we can move forward. We both agreed that a new design is the way to move forward to provide users with a great and seamless user experience.


The wireframes were designed to build the structure and architecture of the information available on both the marketing site and the user portal. Multiple rounds of iterations were performed to validate the ideas I discussed with the client.

User Interface

After the wireframes were approved, I started working on the final user interface. I started off with the landing page and a new style guide to help the client understand what they like or dislike. Multiple iterations were performed and below are some of the final screens from the approved design.

Landing Page
Course Information Page
Course Detail Page
Blog Page
Blog Post Page
User Dashboard Page
Settings Page


A big thanks to the people who participated in the interviews and gave me feedback to improve the idea.

That’s all.