Hi, my name is Zeeshan Khan.

I’m a digital Product Designer based in Pakistan. I specialise in UX, UI, and Visual Design.

Here is my work

Services & Expertise

I'm used to wearing many hats, and try to do my best while working for your company. I mainly work as a designer but also has eperience in writing code which allows me to help you in a much better way.

Product Design

Creating the digital experience using the best User Experience (UX) practices and then Incorporate branding and component-based design to wireframes, focusing on usability, scalability, and interaction design.

Front End Development

A design is nothing if it can not be used by the real users. Frontend Development provides a seamless transition from design to development by implementing the visual elements for websites or web apps.

A process to build amazing products that users love.

A process is like a recipe. If it’s not good, the outcome won’t matter and will be useless. The combination of UI and UX acts as a recipe in a product and not just pretty pixels. This helps the users to enjoy the experience and makes sure they come back again to use it.


My Process

1. Ideation

Clients come to me with an idea of a product. At this stage, I ask them about their idea, their target users and try to understand their business needs as well. This involves user research and lots of brainstorming to come up with a solution that serves them.

2. User Experience

A good user experience ensures user retention and allows the business to grow. This step involves creating the navigational structure, sketches, wireframes, modals and content positioning for the end-users to be able to use the product easily and effectively.

3. Mood Board

After the user experience has been defined, I start looking for the design direction to follow. I look for inspiration from different sources and create a mood board that I discuss with my client. This helps me to understand what kind of visuals the client would want to look for in their product.

4. Visual Design

After the mood board, I begin to build a specific style for the product. This includes selecting a color palette, creating text styles, designing meaningful icons, defining standards to display information, etc. to craft a beautiful and useful design.

Thoughts from people I worked with.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Zeeshan and came to know him as a critical thinker and straight-forward communicator. He is honest and dependable. Beyond that, he is a very talented young designer with a bright future.

Zeeshan has always been an absolute joy to work with and always focuses on accomplishing the goals of the project.”

Andrew Phelps

Partner, User10

“Zeeshan is a great designer that can bring creativity into even the most boring projects. His work is of a very high standard and goes above and beyond. He communicated clearly and was able to complete the project before the deadline.

I’d love to work with him again and I fully recommend him to anyone who needs a good designer for their website or mobile app”

Syed Sohaib

CEO, 01Technosys